ratiotec rapidcount S 20

The models of the rapidcount S Series from ratiotec are the ideal professional banknote counters for medium amounts of bills. With a speed of up to 1,000 banknotes per minute, all the models easily handle frequent and larger counting processes. The banknote feeder holds up to 100 banknotes, while the output holds up to 200 notes. Easily read the value or number of notes on the integrated display. The S 65 and S 85 count and check the laid-in notes in one step, for a higher degree of counterfeit detection. The machines check the UV, IR and magnetic features of the euro banknotes.

Ratiotec rapidcount S 20Counting machine, bankbiljetten, voorgesorteerd (Eurobiljetten), tel snelheid: tot 1.000 biljetten/Min., incl.: batch-functie, afmetingen (BxHxD): 270x220x330mm. Artikelnummer: rats20

The premium model of the series is the S 85 counter. In addition to checking the magnetic code, this machine also checks additional security features of the euro banknotes during the counting process. This comprehensive check, combined with the magnetic code check, offers maximum reliability against counterfeits. Every euro banknote features a silver stripe (also known as a security thread), which exhibits magnetic properties. A code is built into this security thread. The rapidcount S 85 recognizes the value of the banknote based on this information.

While you capture pre-sorted bills with the S 20 and S 60 banknote counter, the S 85 also captures, counts and verifies unsorted notes. This especially saves time when counting larger sums, because the bills may be easily laid directly from the cash register into the counter.

Of course the complete rapidcount S Series features a bunch function, an addition function for counting larger amounts in individual tranches and an automatic start/stop function. Despite their great performance and high speed, all the devices are very compact – with only approx. 33 x 27 x 22 cm. They fit into nearly every workstation. The particularly easy and intuitive operation of the devices also ensures a high level of user acceptance.