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The CashPlus Standard offers a large capacity for coins and many options for easily accessible vertical banknote compartments. Its quality workmanship and design ensures years of service making it very popular with many large retailers worldwide. Ball-bearing telescopic slides, high-quality security locks, a scratch-resistant finish, robust inserts with lockable lid (optional) and a compact size – all advantages, you hardly want to work without.

APG »CashPlus« Standard, witkassalade, opening voorzijde, 415x138x422mm, 4 biljet compartimenten, 8 munt compartimenten, 1 cheque compartiment, 3-pos. Slot, slotvergrendeling met meerdere posities, 75 series, kleur: wit. Artikelnummer: STD2000-0419

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With 415x422x138 mm (WxDxH) the cash drawer is compact enough to fit in even the smallest spaces. Still it offers an optimised interior with large cash capacity for high sales volumes. Flexible plastic inserts with up to eight coin compartments and four vertical banknote compartments guarantee a wide range of possible applications. Optionally, the CashPlus Standard is also available with an integrated security compartment for additional safety of valuables and vouchers within the drawer. Naturally, the drawer also supports weighable inserts, lockable lids and different locking systems. The cash drawer features an optional cheque slot that is also accessible when the drawer is closed. The high-quality 3-position lock (optionally 2-position) offers manual lock/unlock and emergency open for more security. There is also a manual version that opens by pressure. No matter which version you prefer: the integrated indicator signals the user of the drawer's status at all times. As it is Cash Bases' philosophy to provide professional cash drawers for any environment and meet customer requirements individually, the CashPlus Standard is of course available in different versions. That includes versions with different locking mechanisms (alike and random locks) as well as versions with or without cheque slot. A standard interface for almost all common POS printers and colour options in black and white help to integrate the drawer into the most demanding environments.