APG 4000 series

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The APG 4000 Series includes cash drawers in six sizes, up to 20'' x 21'' x 4.2''. Depending on the model, different coin and banknote compartment configurations are available, to optimally take the individual requirements of the area of usage into account. Below it is a compartment for storing coin rolls and other valuable items. The smallest drawer of the 4000 Series (13.3'' x 17.2'' x 4.2'') is equipped with a slot on the front for inserting checks, banknotes, etc. All the other models come with two insertion slots. The drawers automatically report their status - open or closed - to the connected POS system and are optionally equipped with a 12V, 24V or dual 12/24V connection.

APG E4000 Series, zwart: kassalade, opening voorzijde, 457x424x109mm, invoeren: 5 biljet compartimenten, 8 munt compartimenten, verwijderbaar, 2 cheque compartimenten, kogelgelagerde telescopische geleiders, onder bureau monteerbare, cilinderslot, 4-pos. Slot, 12 V, 24V, RJ11, zwart. Artikelnummer: JB520-BL1816-M1
Thanks to robust stainless steel housing and ball bearings for smooth running, the 4000 Series exceeds even the highest expectations. It has been successfully tested for more than 4 million opening cycles without signs of wear, making it the optimal choice for the busy POS. The result: faster processing, more relaxed employees and happier customers. The durable quality of the 4000 Series is further reinforced by a 5-year factory warranty.