Epson TM-U220

The 200 series of dot matrix printers by Epson was established years ago as the de-facto worldwide standard for the POS segment and is supported by almost every software package. The current version TM-U220 has once again been revised and optimised. It the result of Epson's decade-long experience as market leader in the field of cash register printers. Three differ­ent versions (A, B and D) offer the right equipment for every application. Version A is equipp­ed with an automatic cutter and take-up spool for the carbon copy. Version B has an automatic cutter and can be attached to walls if required. Version D is the financially most appealing version with a tear-off edge for the receipt. According to the area the printer is being used in – be it gastronomy, hotel, specialized and retailer trade or administration – simply select the version that best suits your individual needs.

Epson TM-U220B, RS232, cutter, zwartbonprinter, dot-matrix printen, mediabreedte (max): 76 mm, snelheid(max): 6lps, RS232, ESC/POS, incl.: voeding, apart bestellen, netsnoer, kleur: zwart. Artikelnummer: C31C514057

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All three versions print receipts on standard paper at the high speed of 6 lines per second. While the predecessor model TM-U210 was only compatible with one paper width, the TM-U220 processes three different widths: 57.5, 69.5 and 76.0 mm. This means not only more flexibility for the user, but also cost savings, since narrower rolls are respectively cheaper.

When it comes to printing receipts at the cashpoint, speed counts the most. That is why Epson has increased the speed as well as the performance of the printers even further. With a paper width of 76.0 mm and 40 characters per line, the TM-U220 prints at a speed of 4.7 lines per second; with 30 characters per line this equalss up to 6.0 lines per second. Thanks to the simple paper handling, the receipt roll is exchanged within seconds using only one hand.

The paper cutter of the TM-U220B offers two options: according to the requirements, the user selects between »full cut« and the »one-point-left cut«. While the former neatly­ separates the entire receipt, the latter does not cut the receipt entirely off the roll, so that it still remains connected to it. This feature offers advantages mostly in those areas of commerce where the customer in general does not want to take the receipt, or also in the context of a kitchen printer.

As with the TM-U210, the TM-U220 prints the receipt optionally in two colours, black and red. Logos or special offers are thus highlighted effectively. In this way you generate receipt with surplus value and save costs for additional marketing actions, such as flyers or printed trading stamps. Last but not least, the TM-U220 offer two data memories: the user's memory of 8 KB and the logo memory of 128 KB for more rapid printing of logos and graphics.

The compatibility with older models is ensured with the TM-U220 as well: you can easily replace the TM-U210 by its successor, without having to adapt the POS software to the new receipt printer. The extensive selection of interfaces guarantees simple integration into every existing system. The appropriate power supply unit is included in the delivery package of the TM-U220 and can be integrated on demand into the casing without wasting much space.