ANKER Universal Cash Cassette

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The new Anker Universal Cash Cassette (UCC) model offers excellent ergonomics with improved flexibility and security for checkouts. Its sturdy metal housing with standard dimensions make this universal cassette compatible with all conventional cash desks. This hinged-lid cassette can be used for any solution in retail, catering, recreation, etc. that require space-saving drawers with a hinged-lid.

Anker UCC, antracietcash drawer, top opening, dimensions (WxHxD): 460x100x172mm, incl.: base, order separately: ADS cable, cash insert, colour: anthracite. Artikelnummer: 16400.502-0020

Anker UCC, licht grijscash drawer, top opening, dimensions (WxHxD): 460x100x172mm, incl.: base, order separately: ADS cable, cash insert, colour: light grey. Artikelnummer: 16400.502-0050

Anker UCC, kabel, antracietkassalade, opening bovenzijde, afmetingen (BxHxD): 460x100x172mm, invoeren: 6 biljet compartimenten, 8 munt compartimenten, 1 cheque compartiment, directe printeraansluiting, RJ12, incl.: kabel (RJ12), base, kleur: antraciet. Artikelnummer: 16400.700-0020

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This cashbox opens from the top and features a lockable plastic insert with freely configurable coin and banknote compartments. A receipt compartment is provided under the coin compartment standard. For different shifts order additional inserts at a reasonable price. In other words, every cashier has his own cashbox. This improves workplace ergonomics and speeds up changeovers. Naturally, it also results in additional cash desk and transport security. The insert is equipped with an integrated and separately lockable lid. Foldaway handles make inserting and removing the insert considerably easier. Mount the cassette directly on the cash desk or connect it to the supplied base plate. Use the base plate for installation in order to remove the cassette easily and safely. However, removal of the metal housing is usually not required, as its sophisticated system of portable inserts is sufficient for most purposes. The hinged-lid cassette features an Epson standard interface for cash desk printers. During check-out, the cassette receives a 24 volt pulse to open the lid. A three metre interface cable is included. The Anker UCC offers a variable cash cassette with large capacity, yet space-saving design.