ratiotec Soldi 120/185

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The Soldi 185 from ratiotec guarantees high security against counterfeiting. Banknotes contain multiple security features to confirm their authenticity without any doubt. This compact testing device examines banknotes via three methods: first, with an integrated magnetic sensor, second, with a 9-watt UV light, and third, with a white light lamp. This helps to clearly identify authentic security features not easily recognisable with the naked eye, such as the watermark. The large opening ensures for quick and simple handling, to help the user know for certain about the banknote.

ratiotec Soldi 120: bankbiljetten tester / geld tester, echtheidscontrole (UV), incl.: netsnoer (EU), afmetingen (BxHxD): 182x80x79mm, kleur: zwart. Artikelnummer: 64120

ratiotec Soldi 185bankbiljetten tester / geld tester, echtheidscontrole (UV, wit licht, MG-characteristics), incl.: netsnoer (EU), afmetingen (BxHxD): 185x110x95mm, kleur: zwart. Artikelnummer: 64160

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Retail and hospitality suffer increased adversity that counterfeiting leaves in its wake, which often quickly escalates into painfully high figures. Thus, implementation of a currency tester is a good investment for the future, both for peace of mind and security for businesses and their customers. Weighing a mere 500 grams, the compact Soldi 185 can be placed at almost any POS.