ANKER Standard Cash Cassette plus

Keep XXXXXXX what works well, and at the same time implement new features: the ANKER cash cassette SCC plus is the further development of a standard model which has proven itself since 1987. It is constructed of robust plastic measuring 459 x 100 x 155 mm and comes in various security variants: with or without a lock, with a secured emergency release mechanism or with an optional security lock. A particular advantage of the security lock is that once it is in the locked position, the cassette may not be opened either electronically or manually.

Anker SCC plus, antracietkassalade, opening bovenzijde, afmetingen (BxHxD): 459x100x155mm, 6 biljet compartimenten, 8 munt compartimenten, gelijke vergrendeling, apart bestellen, ADS base, ADS base, kleur: antraciet. Artikelnummer: 16103.110-0120

The double bearings on the lid open to the top, providing significant space savings. Plus, even after years of intensive usage, it works just as smoothly as it did on day one. Endurance tests prove unimpaired functionality after more than 4 million openings.

The plastic housing of the SCC plus is not only highly robust, but also flatters the eyes. This is ensured, among others, by the special easy-clean surface, which is not only easy to clean but also gives the cassette a long-lasting attractive flair. There are also spaces designated for attaching stickers, for direct personalization of the cassette. When using it in the base, the stickers will not be damaged.

The inside of the SCC plus is also eye-catching: 8 coin and 4-6 banknote compartments ensure for structured and ergonomic sorting of the contents. As needed, the SCC plus may also be equipped with 8 Coin Cups, which eliminate the need for counting coins: their contents are established with a scale. The cassette is compatible with an already installed ANKER SCC base plate and may be directly attached to it.

The SCC plus is the clever combination of proven aspects and new enhancements for extremely high reliability and a long life cycle. Together with the broad selection of accessories, ANKER provides the ideal cash cassette for a variety of areas of usage.