Dotmatrix printers


Epson TM-U220

The 200 series of dot matrix printers by Epson was established years ago as the de-facto worldwide standard for the POS segment and is supported by almost every software package. The current version TM-U220 has once again been revised and optimised. It the result of Epson's decade-long experience as market leader in the field of cash register printers. Three differ­ent versions (A, B and D) offer the right equipment for every application. Version A is equipp­ed with an automatic cutter and take-up spool for the carbon copy. Version B has an automatic cutter and can be attached to walls if required. Version D is the financially most appealing version with a tear-off edge for the receipt. According to the area the printer is being used in – be it gastronomy, hotel, specialized and retailer trade or administration – simply select the version that best suits your individual needs.

Epson TM-U220B, RS232, cutter, zwartbonprinter, dot-matrix printen, mediabreedte (max): 76 mm, snelheid(max): 6lps, RS232, ESC/POS, incl.: voeding, apart bestellen, netsnoer, kleur: zwart. Artikelnummer: C31C514057

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