Epson TM-T88V

With over five million installed systems, the TM-T88 from Epson is among the most successful thermal POS printers of all time in the world. The newest edition TM-88V continues this trend: at up to 300 mm/sec., it is not only 50% faster than its predecessor, but also convinces through improved tools, better hardware performance, intelligent features, first-class equipment and a four year warranty. With the newest version, receipts are printed in top quality (7 dots/mm, 180 dpi) and are perfectly optimised. Paper and power consumption are reduced to a minimum, which is authenticated in the TM-T88V by the Energy-Star certification – an absolute premier in the POS market.

Epson TM-T88V, USB, RS232, donkergrijs: bonprinter, direct thermisch, 7 dots/mm (180 dpi), mediabreedte (max): 58mm, 80 mm, printbreedte (max.): 72mm, 300 mm/sec., USB, RS232, ESC/POS, incl.: voeding, netsnoer (EU), kabel afdekking, papier breedte adapter, switch cover, donkergrijs. Artikelnummer: C31CA85042

Epson TM-T88V, USB, powered-USB, donkergrijsbonprinter, direct thermisch, 7 dots/mm (180 dpi), mediabreedte (max): 58mm, 80 mm, printbreedte (max.): 72mm, 300 mm/sec., USB, powered-USB, ESC/POS, incl.: kabel afdekking, papier breedte adapter, switch cover, apart bestellen, voeding, netsnoer, donkergrijs. Artikelnummer: C31CA85051

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The direct thermal printer creates 80 mm and 58 mm wide receipts in fractions of a second and delivers almost unsurpassed quality to the POS area. Logos, graphics and images are now printed in greyscale – coupons, vouchers and rebate promotions are thus printed not only professionally but also become absolute eye-catchers. Unpopular streaking (only when using the RS232 interface) is avoided with the automatic speed adjustment feature, while efficient and low-consuming design of receipts is made simple with the help of diverse tools: automatic receipt reduction, a space optimiser that scales the contents without adjusting the font sizes, and the intelligent logo preprint, in particular to print adjacent to the edge, are all decisive advantages for saving energy and material.

The all-round carefree package of accessories and equipment is absolutely convincing: test roll, switch and cable covers, spacer for 58 mm wide rolls and a power supply including power cord (only with kit versions) are already included with the thermal printer. As standard, each TM-T88V is now equipped with a USB interface. Or choose the optional Ethernet interface for even faster data transfer. However, if these are not needed, Epson offers diverse system interfaces that can be exchanged later, ensuring the necessary flexibility and investment security.

The enormous reliability of its predecessor has been once again significantly improved through better performance. An MCBF of 70 million lines, an auto-cutter that now guarantees over two million clean cuts, and an unrivalled printhead with 150 km – all these features reflect the sustainability of the lengthy four-year warranty period. Proven characteristics, such as easy exchange of the paper roll using the »Drop-In« method, are of course maintained. Function and performance are continually refined and cable guidance improved, whereby a clean appearance is always ensured. The result is a device that is impervious to splash water and whose clear, modern appearance will delight for many years.

The Epson TM-T88V was the first of any thermal receipt printer in the world to be authenticated by the Energy-Star certification for energy saving office equipment. Its energy consumption is extremely low in every operating status: in stand-by operation, it consumes less than 1 Watt.

TM-T88V is compatible with TM-T88IV and TM-T88III. This allows fast replacement with less or no investment for new infrastructure. Maintenance functions monitor the operation and status of the device and on demand report the number of line feeds, cuts and overall operating time. Using this data, the POS software informs the user about the status of the device and helps to calculate the maintenance to avoid downtimes. This minimises maintenance costs and avoids downtimes. The TM-T88V was developed especially for the POS area and with its extreme durability is a real bargain: in total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations, the receipt printer is significantly less expensive than any other low-priced printer. This, combined with its high compatibility, guarantees not only smooth integration of the device in existing environments without adaptation of the POS software, but in particular ensures long-term satisfied customers. And even if you plan to use the printer in other EU countries, you do not have to lose any sleep – the TM-T88V now already knows all languages.